A Fuse Lit, 2021

Visions, 2018

Before the Storm, 2020

Land of Lost Content, 2017

The Gathering, 2021

Cabinet of Curiosities, 2020

Waiting, 2021

Equilibrium, 2021

A Fuse Lit Study, 2021

Forwards Study, 2021

‘We Didn’t Ought To ‘Ave Trusted’, 2021

Zones, 2021

The Gathering II, 2021

The Gathering III, 2021

Russ (A Miner’s Life) Study, 2018

Forwards, 2021

Searching for the Ticket, 2021

Portrait Study, 2021

Light Study, 2021

Witness Study, 2018

Modern Man Study, 2018

Version 2

Prism, 2018



Version 2

chicken woman pastel



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