The artist in his studio

Samson Tudor (b.1996) achieved a first-class honours degree in BA Fine Art at Loughborough University in 2018, receiving the London based Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS) Material’s Prize in the process, along with a School of Arts Innovation award. Since his degree show, Samson has established his own studio space and continues to develop his artistic practice – exhibiting work nationwide, from London to Newcastle. His work is held in multiple private collections across the UK, and he has worked with internationally renowned artists. Samson is currently developing an ambitious new series of large scale canvas work to exhibit.

“At the heart of my artwork lies an exploration of the human condition, a perhaps futile attempt to decode it.”

Samson Tudor’s practice predominantly utilises narrative, figurative painting, with elements of allegory, as a form of socio-political commentary. Through a bold and distinctive style, that applies cubist devices and navigates aspects of surrealism, his work explores themes such as; uncertainty, isolation and division. The artist’s imaginative imagery and compositions are conceived through a series of  graphite, pastel and collage studies; which are then rendered on both canvas and gesso board – displaying a rich and vibrant colour palette through oil paint and oil bars.

Tudor’s work balances a contemporary tone with an acknowledgement of historical inspirations, with particular reference to the powerful style of the German Expressionist movement. His artwork aims to invite debate, whilst retaining a sense of ambiguity – that ultimately keeps people searching when they’ve finished looking.

If you would like to purchase available artwork or discuss commissioning opportunities please email samsontudor@me.com