To paint a small picture about myself…

I use narrative, figurative painting, with elements of allegory and symbolism, as a form of socio-political commentary. Following in the figurative tradition, I aim to invite debate about the politics of the recent past and present and expose things that are often ignored or seemingly overlooked. Painting and drawing are essential to my practice and I find inspiration from a wide range of artistic and cultural sources.

At the heart of my artwork lies an exploration of the human condition, a perhaps futile attempt to decode it.

After achieving first-class honours in BA Fine Art , I established my own studio space and continued to develop my artistic practice – exhibiting work across the UK, from London to Newcastle. I am currently working on an ambitious, new series of work and am now seeking gallery representation.

If you would like to discuss commissioning opportunities, or purchase available artwork, please feel free to get in touch: email me at samsontudor@me.com